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AKG K121 Studio repair

I got an AKG K121 Studio headphone for repair in the following condition:

I don’t know what would happened with them. I think it just simply come apart during years. Since AKG headphones are Made in China plastic parts are broke, cable became stiff etc.. I never seen Made in Austria version come apart or with broken plastic parts.

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DT770 headband slider replacement to Superlux slider

After ~5 years of usage my favourite Beyerdynamic DT770 pro (250ohm) headphone’s headband sliders started to get hairline cracks. I read forums about this problem, its a very common issue. Original replacement parts also will crack so this is not the best solution for long term usage.

Superlux HD-660 and Beyerdynamic DT770 slider kit

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Replacing E-MU 1820m caps

After more than 10 years my emu 1820m started to play noise when i tried to play music. Sounded like “white noise” and 15 minutes after every boot the noise seem to be disappeared.

When I dissasembled the dock unit I realized 2 buggy capacitors, and replaced it with 680uF 25V caps (bought from local electronics store).  After replacement the noise disappeared immediately:

I also realized another buggy capacitors in outputs/inputs pcb. I didn’t hear that it would affect the sound, but they didn’t look good:

Replaced these 12 cap with same branded Jamicon 470uF 6,3V capacitors (bought from ebay):

Playstation controller repair

I have two oldschool playstation1 controller and I decided to connect them to PC via USB. One of them was faulty, because left side buttons (arrows and L1 L2) doesn’t responded for pressing.

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Panasonic KX-T2315 repair

My Panasonic KX-T2315 telephone ringer sound stopped working properly so i decided to resolve this problem. First of all i downloaded the service manual and looking for the faulty component.
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AKG K240 Monitor repair

Gumi rögzítő alkatrész(rubber loop) cseréje az AKG K240 Monitor (600ohm-os) fejhallgatón, képekben.
Az alkatrészek a bertaudionál rendelhetőek.
Egy másik nagyon részletes cikk a témában.

I replaced the old rubber loops in my AKG K240 Monitor(600ohm). Rubber loop helps to adjust the size of the headband. I ordered from Bertaudio.
part number: 2040M0303

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E-MU 1820m rubber feet

Gumitalpak E-MU 1820m audiodock aljára, ha az eredetiek esetleg már nincsenek meg. “Ütköző” néven lehet vásárolni, anyaga gumi, öntapadós, így egyszerűen felragasztható.

I bought new rubber feets for my emu 1820m audiodock because the original rubber feets are missing. I found in “Dome Bumpers” or “Bumper” names at my local DIY store. The bumpers are self-adhesive so you can easily stick to the bottom of the emu.