This tutorial about how to autostart VLC with fullscreen and play loop images/videos from a specified folder.

1. edit display.desktop file

sudo nano /etc/xdg/autostart/display.destktop


2. add the following lines, and save

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=vlc --loop --fullscreen --playlist-tree /home/pi/Desktop/media/


3. in this example I created a folder in /home/pi/Desktop/media, VLC automatically play images and videos from this folder.


4. VLC settings:

  • disable show media title on video start:
    Tools-Preferences-Subtitles/OSD: uncheck “Show media title on video start”
  • disable image files title on start:
    Tools/Preferences/Switch to advanced preferences/Video/uncheck Show media title on video
  • to play images automatically you need to remove “jpg” and “jpeg” from Ignored extensions:
    Tools/Preferences/Switch to advanced preferences/Playlist/Ignored extensions
  • set image slideshow duration if needed:
    Tools/Preferences/Switch to advanced preferences/Input/Codecs/Demuxers/Image/Duration in seconds
  • if you have screen tearing, or videos does not play smoothly, make sure that your video settings are correct:

5. restart system to test

sudo reboot